Clay Telecom unveils country specific prepaid SIM card for US, UK and Germany

Telecom Lead India: Clay Telecom, a provider of
international roaming service solutions launched country specific SIM cards for
US, UK and Germany.


In addition, the company has also unveiled new prepaid
products such as data cards and global SIM.


We understand the importance of staying in touch
when you are going abroad. By using our services, the customer can save up to
80 percent on International roaming charges. With our data services, we also
provide easy connectivity on Smart phones, iPads and iPhones,” said Gaurav Dhawan,
executive director, Clay Telecom.


The company is known for offering the most innovative
cellular services and solutions at the most affordable prices. 


Through UK specific prepaid SIM, the company offers
free incoming call, with a lowest price guarantee and call back to India at a
minimal cost. Additionally, the company provides recharge at over 80,000
locations across Europe.


On the other hand, USA specific prepaid provides
free talk time and easy online recharge options, while Germany prepaid SIM
offers free incoming calls, free clay-to-clay calls and best rates for calling
back to India.


The global Prepaid SIM facilitates direct calls in Turkey
and all major European Countries like – UK, Germany, France, Spain, and
Denmark. This SIM covers 200+ countries, with incoming free in 60+ across the


Clay Telecom offers up to 80 percent savings with their global
sim cards

Clay Telecom said it aims to provide world-class
telephony and data services to its customers at a minimal cost.


Recently, Clay Telecom announced up to 80 percent savings
for its subscribers on Clay Global SIM cards.


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