Clear Align selected for fiber optic testing to support United States Navy Aviation Systems

Telecom Lead Team:
Clear Align announced that it has been
awarded a contract to develop the first common fiber optic test kits for the
United States Navy’s aviation systems.

Align’s complex kits will enable the aviation to diagnose system failures, as
the U.S Navy’s aviation upgraded to fiber optic systems.

Align’s complex kits integrate test equipment and aircraft specific adapters
that provide comprehensive fiber optic testing capability to naval aviation
platforms whether on carriers or in remote bases.

new capability enables quick assessment of functionality for faster and more
cost-effective repair and replacement decisions.

essential test capability to our front-line assets is a key mission for Clear
Align. We appreciate this opportunity to bring our extensive fiber-optic
expertise to support Navy programs,” said Angelique X. Irvin, CEO and president
of Clear Align.

Clear Align engineering team delivered four unique testing models to the United
States Navy. Two general purpose testing and inspection kits, a unit for the
E-2 Hawkeye and a unit for the E-6 Mercury aircrafts.

program was awarded to Clear Align in 2011 and the Navy is performing technical
evaluation on initial units. The Common Support Equipment will be applicable to
all Navy, Air Force, and Army programs providing front-line assessment and
repair of fiber optic systems on aircraft and other fiber optic system applications.
Production will begin mid 2012.

Align designs prototypes and manufactures state of the art custom imaging,
laser and fiber optic systems for defense and aerospace customers.

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