Cloud computing to unleash new opportunities for companies


j2 Global Communications, a provider of cloud-based,
value-added communication, messaging and backup services, announced that TechAmerica
Foundation’s Commission on the Leadership Opportunity in the U.S. Deployment of
the Cloud (CLOUD^2), which includes j2 Global’s CEO, Hemi Zucker, and president
Scott Turicchi, has issued a “Cloud First, Cloud Fast: Recommendations for
Innovation, Leadership and Job Creation” pre-publication report.


“Cloud Computing is the latest example of how
American innovation sets the pace for the world. This report examines the steps
that the US government must take as a buyer and as a policymaker to ensure that
we keep setting the pace,” said Phil Bond, president and CEO of
TechAmerica and member of the TechAmerica Foundation board.


“An increasingly competitive world is right on our
heels looking for an opportunity to pass the U.S. in this new deployment. I’m
betting on America,” Bond added.


Cloud^2 commissioners have worked over the last three
months to develop actionable recommendations in the thematic areas of Trust,
Transnational Data Flows, Transparency and Transformation for continuing U.S.
leadership in cloud innovation. The pre-publication Commission report, issued
on July 26, 2011 focused on 14 specific, direct and prescriptive



“We examined Transnational Data Flow and the
complexity it adds to cloud adoption because of the data, processes and people
residing on multiple continents with different laws and cultures,” said
Hemi Zucker, CEO, j2 Global.


“I am honored to be a part of this prestigious group
of business leaders, which includes j2 Global president, Scott Turicchi, who
served as my Deputy, and am pleased that were able to help develop a national
roadmap for Cloud implementation for the administration,” added Zucker.


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