COAI letter to FM misleading, alleges AUSPI

Telecom Lead India: AUSPI, a representative body of CDMA
players in India, said the COAI letter to Finance Minister Pranab
Mukherjee is misleading.


COAI, a GSM operators’ association, has written to
Mukherjee saying that Supreme Court has scrapped the GSM spectrum allocated to TTSL and
the actual number of cancelled 2G licences amounted to 141, instead of 122,
which included 19 licences of TTSL.


“The contents of COAI letter are misleading, and
uncalled for and devoid of any merit…we submit that the contents of the
letter are completely devoid of merit and may be rejected by your goodself at
the very outset,” said SC Khanna, AUSPI Secretary General.


The Association of Unified Telecom Service Providers of India in the letter
said, “COAI has given a completely distorted and speculative
interpretation to the judgement of the Supreme Court.”

It said that COAI has challenged government decision on Dual Technology policy
in telecom tribunal TDSAT and Delhi High court but the decsion came in favour
of dual technology players.


COAI asks FM to scrap mobile permits issued to Tata


The COAI requested to cancel GSM spectrum allocated to
Tata Teleservices and include it for auction due before August 31.


While replying to COAI, Tata Teleservices issued a
statement terming COAI’s stance as misleading, totally uncalled for, false
and devoid of any merit.


“COAI is distorting the facts and attempting to
present a misleading picture before the finance minister, in a bid to subserve
its vested interests. Further, the letter is speculative in nature and
represents a concocted story of some interested parties within COAI. Also, the
contents of the letter are not borne out by judicial records and the referred
judgment,” said a Tata Teleservices spokesperson.


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