Codenomicon and Telcordia select Defensics Security Tools for Next-Generation Telecom Networks

Codenomicon, a vendor of proactive security testing solutions, and Telcordia, a globally known for  their development of IP, wireline, and mobile telecommunications software and services, today announced an agreement that will see Codenomicon’s vulnerability testing technology made available to telecom equipment manufacturers and communications service providers (CSPs) as part of Telcordia’s third-party product testing service.
As network security becomes more complex and critical, Codenomicon’s technology helps identify unknown “zero-day” vulnerabilities in telecommunication equipment and devices, using a technique called model”‘based fuzz testing. Fuzzing is part of the four-step Unknown Vulnerability Management process introduced by Codenomicon to complement existing vulnerability management solutions that focus on known weaknesses in software.
 Telcordia’s Software Vulnerability Testing services are the latest component of the company’s long-standing network equipment testing suite. Telcordia’s testing services are an integral part of the new equipment testing cycle for both network equipment providers and CSPs, offering an independent and rigorous assessment of network devices, prior to introducing them into live networks.
The new agreement sees the Codenomicon technology available via Telcordia’s Testing Services, enabling equipment vendors and CSPs to access advanced, robust and trusted testing while avoiding costly investment in both testing tools and staff training.
  We are excited to be working with Telcordia, given its focus on national security, communications, cyber integration and emergency preparedness,” said David Chartier, CEO of Codenomicon. With its background in these areas, the company will effectively use Defensics to help manage and mitigate the risks associated with unknown vulnerabilities for its customers’ networks.”
  Telcordia Testing Services provides an unbiased, third-party validation that communications service providers look for when assessing their infrastructure options,” said Zach Gilstein, Vice President of Network Assurance Solutions for Telcordia. By having the testing performed by Telcordia, a vendor is demonstrating its commitment to quality and excellence for its customers.”
 The telecommunications industry faces a whole new set of security issues. Transition from legacy signaling systems to IP-based interconnections and the increasing popularity of IP-based services have brought the challenges of Internet communications to the traditionally closed telecommunications networks. This transition to Next Generation Networks calls for more security and robustness testing than ever before.