Collaborative wireless carriers to gain from opt-in marketing plans

There will be immense growth in markets where wireless
operators collaborate in order to leverage subscriber data and messaging assets
across multiple subscriber bases, according to Strategy Analytics.

Mobile operator activity in permission mobile marketing
services has increased over the past 18 months, motivated by the prospect of
additional revenue streams, differentiation and lowering churn.

To maximize the opportunity, carrier opt-in services must
attract a large base of users and leverage relevant customer data that meets
the needs of marketers who are seeking a highly targeted channel, directly
engaging potential customers.

In markets where cellular users are fragmented across
different carriers, collaborative efforts between operators will encourage
marketers to use the operator channel. An early case study is the UK market
where the operator joint venture is already finding early success, attracting
both brands and consumers,” said Nitesh Patel, Report author and senior
analyst, Strategy Analytics.

Carrier fragmentation in most other markets will ensure
that mobile opt-in marketing remains niche over the next 5 years, despite its
potential. However, third parties such as Blyk, Velti, Out There Media and
Alcatel-Lucent’s Optism could be the main beneficiaries where this situation
arises,” said David MacQueen, director of the wireless media team at Strategy

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