CommScope provides RF products to public safety in Arizona

Telecom Lead America: CommScope announced that it is
providing radio frequency solutions and technology to the construction of the
US’ largest microwave-based wireless public safety and service network in


CommScope has been chosen as the exclusive provider of RF
products and technology, including microwave antennas, transmission line
cabling and accessories, and remote monitoring and management services.


The project, funded by a $39 million federal broadband
infrastructure grant to Scottsdale, Arizona based GovNET, will provide a
backbone wireless network that will offer high-speed broadband access to all 91
incorporated cities and towns and all 15 counties in the state.


CommScope will play a vital role in our efforts to bring
broadband access and capacity to all parts of Arizona. We believe the quality
and track record of CommScope’s technology and solutions will help us in
achieving our goals of enhancing public safety, education, commerce and
economic development through high-speed broadband services,” said Pat Barringer,
chief executive officer, GovNET.


The broadband network will feature more than 300 new
microwave towers and roof mounts to expand services across more than 88,400
square miles of the state.


Our experience and expertise in providing greater
bandwidth and network connectivity here in the US and throughout the world will
be a huge asset as this network is deployed. We are eager to see the benefits
that high-speed access and capacity will bring to residents, businesses and
government institutions throughout the state,” said Peter Karlsson, senior vice
president, Global Sales, CommScope.


GovNET is a specialized telecommunications provider that
focuses on the specific needs of local, state, and federal agency
communications seeking security and reliability.


The network will offer speeds of between 100 Mbps and 1.2
Gbps to key anchor educational and healthcare institutions, a significant
upgrade over the T1 service many currently have.


Recently, CommScope
deployed the communications infrastructure supporting the ultra-modern facility
in Perot Museum of Nature & Science in Dallas. 


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