Communications Systems to acquire Patapsco


Communications Systems, a global provider of broadband
network solutions, announced the successful acquisition of Patapsco Designs of
the UK for its Transition Networks business unit.


The acquisition significantly bolsters Transition
Networks’ position as a leading manufacturer of broadband hardware solutions
aimed at service provider, enterprise and government networks.


The Patapsco acquisition adds pseudowire, also known as
TDM over IP or Circuit Emulation Services (CESoIP), and a variety of ISDN
products including ISDNoIP to Transition Networks’ portfolio and capabilities.


Their wide range of technology allows for the
transportation of TDM traffic over IP and Ethernet packet networks. Patapsco
has built a 20-year reputation for quality, customer support, and a focus on
delivering solutions for difficult technical challenges, such as
highly-accurate clocking and synchronization necessary for applications, such
as mobile backhaul delivery via packet networks.


Other established products address challenging migration
issues from legacy systems to Next Generation Networks (NGNs).


“Patapsco’s product line is a strategic addition for
Transition Networks in expanding its product offering to the service provider
market. Patapsco has a strong line of existing products that we can immediately
leverage in Transition Networks’ customer and distribution network around the
world. Furthermore, the combined engineering efforts of Patapsco and Transition
Networks will allow us to bring new products to market that utilize core
technologies from both companies,” said William G. Schultz, president and
CEO, Communications Systems.


The addition of Patapsco’s technology to Transition’s
portfolio allows the company to offer new and innovative architectures for
broadband delivery of both new and legacy services.


Paired with Transition’s established portfolio of robust
Carrier Ethernet products, the company will now be able to offer a wider
portfolio of flexible, cost-effective and unique solutions for customers as they
migrate to packet-based networks.


Patapsco’s focus on quality and support is also a direct
fit to Transition’s business model which includes customer-friendly warranties
and 24×7 customer support.


“I am delighted to be working with CSI; they bring
the perfect combination in terms of established channels and customers that
match our engineering skills and products/services,” said Paul Strawbridge,
founder and managing director, Patapsco Designs.


Patapsco’s historic focus on engineering excellence and
innovative migration products is an ideal fit with CSI’s individual
customer-orientated strategy.


The company cultures are similar and both companies
already working closely in bringing established products to market under the
Transition Networks banner as well as on exciting new developments, and I
anticipate the arrangement will open many new opportunities.


By Team
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