Compuware to expand Indian business

Compuware Corporation, which has been named as one of the leaders in
applications performance management
Gartner report, recently
conducted a survey on mobile users. On the same,
Neeraj Dotel, managing
director, Compuware Corporation India highlights few significant mobile users’


According to your latest survey what do users
in India want from mobiles?

Expectations from mobile users in India are high as they
expect a web-browsing experience on their mobile phone that is comparable to
what they get on a home computer. Out of the 500 respondents, with a mean of
30, 84 percent of the mobile users expect sites to load at least as quickly on
their mobile phone as on their home computer. However, 39 percent said websites
load more slowly on their phone.


Do you think consumers are expecting the
mobile Internet to perform on par with the desktop Internet?

Mobile users in India have
little patience when it comes to inadequately performing websites and
applications on their phones. 58 percent of web users say they expect a website
to load on their mobile phone in 3 seconds or less and 81 percent are willing
to wait 5 seconds or less for a single web page to load before leaving the site.
Close to 50 percent are only willing to wait 5 seconds or less for an
application to load before exiting. Once the website or application does not
function initially, 39 percent will go to a competitor’s site instead. The
majority of mobile web users are only willing to retry a website (68 percent)
or application (77 percent) two times or less if it does not work initially.


What is the impact on Indian users after
rapid adoption of smart phones in India?

Usage of smartphones is growing exponentially. Most users
are willing to make sacrifices in terms of content depth and feature-richness
in exchange for everywhere-anytime web access. But the one thing that users
demand is speed. It comes as no surprise, as mobile users use their devices to
do transactions – whether it is checking flight details, or confirming
reservations – the need for the transaction is urgent and instantaneous. This
means if businesses fail to meet their need for speed, the associated loss in
terms of revenue and brand equity will suffer majorly.


What are the market opportunities in terms to
meet mobile users demand? 

Businesses that embrace mobile opportunities, offer the
most usable features, and provide the fastest, most consistent performance,
will emerge as mobile leaders in their category. Businesses looking to maximize
mobile opportunities must leverage best practices and put delivering quality
mobile experiences squarely at the top of their to-do lists.


What are the challenges in Indian mobile

Mobile device capabilities have exploded in the last two
years, but unfortunately mobile device performance hasn’t kept pace. The
challenges for companies in maximizing the mobile opportunity lies with
organizations who are still relying on traditional, siloed management systems
to manage their infrastructure, without truly understanding the end-user’s web

After seeing the mobile users’ demands, are you planning to come up with
innovations in your products?

Compuware solutions are designed around customer requirements that stay
current with market needs. With increasing expectations from mobile users,
Compuware continues to leverage our core expertise in application performance
management. Our recent acquisition of dynaTrace also solidifies our leadership position
as highlighted in the recent Gartner report where Compuware has been named as
one of the leaders in applications performance management.  Through
integration with the industry-leading Compuware dynaTrace solution, Compuware
captures end-to-end transaction detail and record the entire session for 100
percent of transaction runs, right down to the code level. This allows our
customers to trace and capture data automatically, documented, analyzed for
hot-spots and ready for the development team in a language they understand.


What are your future plans for expansion?

India is a key strategic market for Compuware and over
the past few months, we have ramped our staffing resources from business
development, to pre-sales, to support. This expansion is a result of our
growing business in India.



Rashi Varshney

[email protected]