Comviva Extends Support to World Wide Web Foundation to Generate Awareness of the Mobile Phone as a Tool for Social Growth


Comviva announced its sponsorship of the Workshop on Mobile and Web Technologies in Social and Economic
Development to be held on June 4-5, 2011 in Dar es Salaam, Tanzania.


Comviva has been closely associated with this workshop series to help facilitate the
efforts of W3C and Web Foundation at generating greater
awareness about mobile devices, with the objective of reducing the existing
digital divide.


We are proud to have been associated with World Wide
Web Foundation and the World Wide Web Consortium over the past few years and
support them in their vision to reduce the digital divide in developing
regions,” said Arun Tanksali, VP, Comviva.


Using the Web on a mobile phone can enable human
communication, support more financial transactions and build opportunities to
share knowledge in underserved growth markets. Sponsoring this event is a
demonstration of our commitment to go beyond boundaries and support development
in regions where mobile technology can truly make a difference. We have always
made efforts to offer products and solutions that help users make the most of
their mobile phones by improving their livelihood and enhancing their
lifestyles,” Tanksali added.


We would like to thank Comviva for their association
over the years. The strong growth in mobile phone
usage offers new opportunities for growth in economic and social well-being in
emerging markets,” said Stephane Boyera, Web Foundation Lead Program manager
and W3C Team Contact.


Our objective is to gather all stakeholders
in a global forum where we can identify the key challenges of using mobile
phones as an ICT-platform in developing regions. We are committed to reducing
the digital divide and providing services to under-privileged populations.
The aim of this
workshop is to explore how to lower the existing barriers and to identify key
directions for future exploration,” Boyera added.


upcoming workshop on June 4th and 5th 2011 in Dar es Salaam, Tanzania will investigate in more
detail three specific themes that have recently attracted the attention of the

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