Conterra Telehealth Networks provides broadband services to Healthcare Group in U.S

Telecom Lead America: Conterra Telehealth Networks has
started supplying high-speed wide area broadband network services to a health
care group located in the Southwestern United States.

The broadband network of this health care group is
comprised of multiple transport mediums including fiber and FCC-licensed
microwave radio. 

The company said that the network was custom designed to
support the needs of the medical group.

The Rural Health Care Pilot Program initiated by the
Federal Communications Commission (FCC) has supported the network deployment at
this health care group.

The Rural Health Care Pilot Program in the U.S aims to
facilitate the creation of a national broadband network dedicated to health
care that will connect public and private non-profit health care providers in
rural and urban locations.

“The FCC has highlighted telemedicine as one of its
top priorities in its national broadband plan. We believe that Conterra’s
unique ability to provide customized, hybrid fiber and microwave networks in
rural areas of America, where there are few cost effective, high-speed
broadband telecommunication options, will help to bridge the health care
digital divide,” said Van E. Snowdon, executive vice president for Business
Development at Conterra.

The company claims that it is one of the first
alternative access carriers to participate in the federal Rural Health Care
Pilot Program and to provide high-quality, broadband services to underserved
healthcare organizations.

Conterra Telehealth Networks is a broadband services
company and specializes in offering unique solutions to complex
telecommunications projects in rural areas. The company along with subsidiaries
provides its services to over 1,800 locations throughout the United

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