Croma offers laptop theft protection with Intel anti-theft service

Infiniti Retail, a
subsidiary of Tata Sons and Intel, jointly announced the launch of Intel
Anti-Theft Service.

The new initiative will enable the consumers to safeguard and secure
their laptops. Intel Anti-Theft Service will be exclusively retailed at Croma
and can be availed across all the stores.

“With increased mobility, laptop users around the world face increased
risks of theft or loss of device and data. Loss of sensitive data in some cases
can be detrimental and expensive,” said George Thangadurai, general manager of
Intel’s PC Client Services.

“We are excited to globally collaborate with PC retailers such as Croma
to make this Security Service available for Intel Core powered laptop users,”
Thangadurai added.

Croma will be offering the theft protection service bundled in with
select laptops as well as offering it as a paid option starting INR 199 for a
period of 2 years from the day the user activates the Service. Intel will be
responsible for service hosting, customer support and working with different
OEMs to ensure their laptop hardware is embedded with Intel Anti-Theft

Intel Anti-Theft Service uses Intel Anti-Theft Technology (Intel AT)
built into the laptop hardware as a foundation to lock down lost or missing
laptops. Additionally, this Service helps create a secure data vault upon
service activation where private files can be encrypted and stored.

Intel Anti-Theft Service takes advantage of intelligent hardware to lock
down a lost or stolen laptop. It works even if a thief reimages their hard
drive, installs a new hard drive, changes the boot order or avoids connecting
to the network. 

Croma has collaborated with Intel to provide this service as a paid
option to its customers buying laptops that are powered by the 2nd Generation
Intel Core processors, from their stores.

“Mobile PC usage in India is on the rise and we expect to further
accelerate it with the new Ultrabook devices.  Protecting
users’ sensitive information as well as laptops themselves is paramount,” said
R. Sivakumar, managing director, Sales & Marketing Group, Intel South Asia.

By Team
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