CSC unveils secure cloud services to streamline insurance agents’ work Dreamforce Conference (CSC) announced the
introduction of Breezeway, a collection of cloud-based, Web-subscription
services usable on multiple devices and platforms that enable insurers to tap
into offerings in a secure, highly scalable environment.


CSC’s first series of services in the Breezeway
collection provides virtual agents with a desktop application built on,‘s leading enterprise cloud
computing platform, and will support a wide array of multiline insurance agency
functions starting with the electronic new business application service.


The offering provides agents and brokers with an instant
link to carrier insurance applications. It supports email, collaboration,
electronic new business application management and e-signature.


By the end of the calendar year, it will incorporate
services for commission management, agent’s portfolio management, agent’s
customer service and customer self-service while integrating with agency
management and other ACORD-compliant systems.


Breezeway features user interfaces designed for tablets
and handheld devices, and any other device that accesses the Internet including
traditional desktops and laptops, with no requirement to download software. It
enables straight through processing to speed work and improve closure rates,
with reduced costs and no capital outlay.


The initial service will focus on the new business
application process through its robust standardized services which help
insurers generate more business by enhancing their relationships with their
distribution channels.


Agents can submit customer applications to insurers
through the service using electronic application and automated service links to
third-party capabilities such as electronic signature. Breezeway creates
speed-to-service advantages including the efficient orchestration of business
services and a framework of integration capabilities.


Additionally, CSC can
support insurers in their implementation of CRM
applications and other custom applications through CSC’s Breezeway
offerings, CSC’s consulting practice supported by
CSC’s certified development center.


Cloud services, which Gartner defines as services based
on a style of computing with massively scalable and elastic IT-enabled
capabilities using Internet technologies, are increasingly an option for
accessing IT functionality and IT-enabled business processes, and they will
change the way buyers access and manage IT,” said Allie Young, Gartner vice
president and distinguished analyst.


There are still many challenges in leveraging new cloud
models, including the need to manage multiple components sourced from multiple
suppliers to achieve end-to-end business solutions. Organizations interested in
acquiring cloud services should apply the service value chain model to their
analysis of potential cloud offerings.


An increasing number of companies are demanding social,
mobile and open applications to serve their employees and customers,” said
Kendall Collins, chief marketing officer of Developing
Breezeway on the platform provided CSC with the fastest way to get
its insurance domain expertise out to the financial services industry.”


With traditional technologies, insurers are challenged
with developing a single point of contact for agents and their customers,” said
Ray August, president of CSC’s Financial Services Group. CSC’s Breezeway
eliminates that challenge, introducing a new way to connect and a better way to
serve the customer. Breezeway provides insurance agents and brokers with the
access to insurance systems they need whenever and wherever they need them
leading to improved flexibility and faster results.”


Recently, CSC announced that it has signed a contract
with ArcelorMittal to provide information technology (IT) infrastructure
managed services.


The agreement provides the framework for common and
country-specific agreements by the local entities of each party, and will
become effective upon the signing of the different accession agreements.


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