CSG International introduces customer communication center

Telecom Lead America: BSS/OSS-major CSG Systems
International has unveiled its Customer Communication Center (CCC) to automate
personalized communication to customers through their channel of preference,
such as voice, text and email.


CCC provides a central hub for automating customer
communications and capturing customer profiles, eliminating the need for
multiple disparate systems to support various types of customer communications.


This solution delivers an intelligent integration that
links events such as delivering a bill, promotional offers, customer care
communications, network utilization and more with the preferred way to
communicate that event based on customer preferences.


The company said that CCC offers a centralized approach
that can unify disparate customer care systems in a way that is cost-effective
and efficient.


CSG has developed CCC to respond to the on-going
reality that if operators want to improve the overall value of their customer
interactions, they need to better understand how, when and with what content
customers prefer in order to get the most value out of the interaction. This
solution takes the guesswork out of creating effective customer interactions by
developing a cohesive view of each customer and their preferences,” said Chad
Dunavant, vice president of product management, CSG International.


In addition to the launch, the company predicts that in
five years, the number of cable customers under a single roof will grow


In the next 5 years, the company said that operators will
need to expand this view to better understand every customer within a given
household, including each family member and the devices they use, and
proactively deliver a personalized experience to each.


CSG is a strategic partner to the majority of the cable
operators in the United States.  In addition, CSG predicts that cable
operators will dominate the digital content market, becoming media
conglomerates that can provide competitive pricing and packaging to customers
leveraging the operator’s network, as well as customers leveraging other


Also, CSG predicts that the demand for home intelligence
offerings will surge in the next five years.


CSG International signs new clients in South East Asia and
Australia for Total Service Mediation


Recently, CSG International signed two new clients – one
in Australia and one in South East Asia.


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