CSG International signs new clients in South East Asia and Australia for Total Service Mediation

Telecom Lead Asia: CSG International, a provider of
software- and services-based business support solutions (BSS), has signed two
new clients – one in Australia and one in South East Asia.


CSG’s Total Service Mediation, a convergent multi-service
mediation solution, will allow telecom operators to address emerging market
demands. Besides assisting in saving cost and gaining efficiencies through the
consolidation of existing mediation systems onto a single, convergent platform,
the solution is designed to provide the agility and flexibility.


Digital content within the communications ecosystem is
driving the most significant change to telco business models in recent
history.  Communication service providers everywhere are looking at
improving customer experience and widening their range of value propositions,
but at the same time must be cognizant of the need to process very significant
volumes of data reliably and securely. With the assurance that huge volumes of
EDRs are being accurately and reliably captured through TSM’s single integrated
framework, operators can focus on building new multi-sided business models and
rapidly rolling out new services to excite their customers,” said Ian Watterson, vice president and
managing director Asia Pacific, CSG
Systems International.


The company claims that CSG leads the field in LTE
mediation, supporting the world’s first launch of commercial LTE services and
going on to deploy Total Service Mediation for LTE across that operator group.


Total Service Mediation supports several global carriers.
CSG International’s ten leading operators each process over a billion event
data records (EDRs) per day, a total of over 32 billion events daily in total
and over 6 trillion events per year.


CSG provides this power at a competitive cost. Its
architecture is designed to allow horizontal scalability on low-cost commodity
hardware, reducing the total cost of mediation ownership for some operators by
a factor of 10 while delivering the processing efficiency which comes from a
single platform.


Operators are looking for CSG solutions as LTE creates specific
challenges for mediation systems. The Offline Charging (OFCS) function takes a
similar role to post-event mediation in 2G/3G networks, but with some
significant differences. Where 2G/3G network elements would write call data
records safely to local disk before they were collected, offline charging must
be able to collect usage data from network elements in real time as volatile
event messages and use these to construct meaningful charging information.


CSG International announces global expansion of Content Direct


Recently, CSG Systems International announced global
expansion of its Content Direct offering to meet increasing demand for digital
content monetization solutions.


CSG’s Content Direct solution empowers content creators,
aggregators and distributors to easily and effectively market, monetize and
manage premium digital content and customers. Content Direct is offered as
either a set of software services or as an integrated solution.


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