CSG launches new version of charging and policy management solution

Telecom Lead America: CSG Systems International has launched its CSG Integrated Charging and Policy (ICP) 2.0, the next version of its online charging and policy management solution.

The newest version of the online charging and policy management solution is designed to help telecom service providers optimize network traffic and empower consumers to control the access to and quality of their digital communication services.

CSG Systems International on Monday claimed that the solution enhances the consumer experience while leading to revenue generation opportunities for telecom operators.

The company has extended the integration of online charging and policy management to address consumers’ increasing expectations for flexibility in how they use communication and entertainment services.

Key features include support for the use of parental controls, mobile tethering, managing bill shock, and setting defined usage and spending limits and notifications .

CSG has expanded the core charging and policy solution’s network and control scenarios available out of the box, to enable CSPs to roll out new offers in an agile and flexible manner.

Most recently, CSG proved the benefits of this approach with one of Europe’s multi-country telecom operators, illustrating that charging, when used alongside policy, can manage network usage while growing revenue.

Sean Brown, senior vice president of product management at CSG International, said: “Policy management has become a vital tool for CSPs to manage and maintain control of network bandwidth.  Increasingly, CSPs are recognizing the need to add a combined charging and policy solution to increase revenue as well as offer network control.”

CSG ICP 2.0 enables telecom operators to realize faster time to market and monetization of new services on advanced networks using new pre-configured use cases that support multi-device plans and tethering plans out of the box.

In addition, the solution offers an enhanced consumer experience and personalization through the ability to offer targeted add-on products that consumers are willing to pay for such as bandwidth turbo boost. SPs can easily manage multi-device plans with shared quota and benefits across multiple smartphones and tablets within a single account.

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