CTIA-The Wireless Association focuses on benefits of wireless E-911



More than 300,000 wireless calls are made to emergency
call centers every day, and as that number continues to grow, the importance of
wireless in times of crisis also increases in the U.S. CTIA-The Wireless
Association’s “Wonder of Wireless” (WOW) August webcast and blog highlight the importance of and the wireless industry’s commitment to E-911
applications and services.


It explains what’s happening to the 911 funds that are
supposed to pay for the next generation of public safety communications, and
showcases the public safety community’s perspective on the development of new
services and funding, and the importance of appropriate use of funds collected
in fees from consumers.


Some states are misusing the 911 funds that wireless
customers dutifully pay every month to pay for emergency equipment, and the
August WOW underscores the importance of using those funds for their intended
purpose, which is assisting first responders to better provide their critically
needed service.


In this month’s Wireless at Work, CTIA talks with iMap
and Skype about how their applications continue to enhance the lives of
wireless users by providing services that keep people in touch and aware of
dangerous situations.


These mobile applications help wireless users stay alert
about severe weather and stay in contact with friends and family members in
different places and situations.


The August Industry Insider features the National
Emergency Number Association CEO Brian Fontes, who discusses the modernization
of 911 services and funding for the services as wireless capabilities continue
to grow.


Wireless consumers are continuing to be offered improved
services such as E-911 that provide people with access to the help they need,
regardless of their location.


In this month’s Policy Point, CTIA focuses on how
wireless carriers provide E-911 services to their customers and how many state
and local governments are misusing the E-911 funds they’ve collected from their


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