Cuculus selected for smart meter deployments in Germany


Cuculus, a developer of smart metering and home control
solutions, has been selected to supply its ZONOS platform to RheinEnergie to
support the roll-out of 30, 000 meters in Germany.


RheinEnergie has used the Cuculus ZONOS platform since
2009 when the system was first deployed for a smart metering pilot with 3,000
meters. The platform was used in pilots undertaken with employees and customers
designed to identify the best way to present smart metering data in the home.


ZONOS was applied to manage the smart metering technology
infrastructure measuring electricity, gas and water consumption. The pilots
were also used to review various infrastructure related technologies.


Based on the success of the pilots RheinEnergie has
engaged Cuculus to supply its ZONOS
platform to support a 30,000 meter deployment, one of the largest ever
roll-outs of smart meters in Germany.


The ZONOS platform is a comprehensive Advanced Metering
Management (AMM) and Meter Data Management (MDM) system with attractive
features that makes it easy for utilities to implement and operate smart


It also provides the functionality to set-up attractive
end-customer services based on the data. The system is open which is critical
to ensure it works within the existing system infrastructure of a utility.


will use the ZONOS platform in conjunction with SAP’s IS-U EHP5 Interface for
Smart Metering (MDUS). The required processes have been analysed and used to
realize the data model and storage concept.


This made it possible to implement functionality and
adapt various components to provide an integrated seamless solution. The smart
metering solution enables installation and problem resolution processes,
regular and on-demand meter reads as well as the exchange of system messages,
alarms and statistics to the connected systems.


The very positive experience from our earlier pilots
gives us confidence that Cuculus will meet our expectations. Smart Metering is
complex and will lead us to explore new frontiers. We are pleased that in this
project we can continue to benefit from Cuculus’ flexibility and focus on
finding solutions,” said Wolfram Bennerscheidt, Rheinenergie.


We are delighted that RheinEnergie has chosen the
Cuculus platform to support their extensive roll-out of smart meters.
RheinEnergie is a leader within the field of smart metering in Germany and we
look forward to work with them to help realise the potential of this key
project,” said Rene Böringer, CCO, Cuculus.


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