cVidya Networks detects large scale bypass fraud scam in Asia Pacific region

Telecom Lead Asia: cVidya Networks has detected a large scale bypass fraud scam in Asia Pacific region by implementing cVidya’s Fraud Management solution.

The call bypass systems implemented have incurred fraud losses. cVidya’s FraudView detected the illegal simbox use within hours from the solution implementation. With the information gathered by FraudView, authorities were able to locate and apprehend the fraudster immediately.

FraudView detected and located the person behind the fraud ring using its innovative bypass fraud system. The accused man was arrested in his home by local authorities. The operator filed the complaint with the authorities after discovering a very high volume of international calls made from a single location where the suspect lived.

FraudView system currently covers thirty million subscribers and detects thousands of bypass cases daily.  The fraudster was found with various types of sophisticated telecom fraud equipment in his home which were seized by authorities. Bypass fraud allows for an international call to look like a local call so that telecom operators are not able to receive long distance charges and other fees.

“We are proud to see that our clients are benefitting from our solutions and that justice is prevailing,” said Along Aginsky, CEO and president of cVidya.

FraudView identifies fraud patterns including bypass fraud, internal fraud, and subscription fraud and has been shown to consistently reduce fraud by as much as 90 percent. In addition, FraudView identifies mobile money fraud and is capable of enhanced link analysis over social networks as well, all with location-based fraud detection.

According to a recent news report in, to strengthen its presence in outsourced segment, cVidya Networks has launched its new outsourced Managed Services offering.

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