CVidya to provide necessary tools to Israeli TV company to secure tele-voting platform


cVidya’s product portfolio helps operators
and service providers maximize margins, improve customer experience and
optimize ecosystem relationships through revenue assurance, fraud and risk
management, dealer management, and margin analytics. cVidya is continuing to
introduce new products to the portfolio. Amit Daniel, executive vice president
of Marketing and Business Development, cVidya, shares the company’s future


What are the new products in the pipeline?


In the revenue assurance domain, MoneyMap
is a complete, end-to-end, carrier grade suite of products, developed to
address all potential revenue leakage issues. cVidya’s MoneyMap Suite of
products already implement Revenue Assurance functionality, covering a broad
spectrum of products, services, technologies and requirements. The main areas
in which the offering is evolving are:  Enhanced Incident / Workflow
Management, embedded risk based methodology, intelligent services layer and
support for TMF modules.


In addition, cVidya is introducing new
products and services in Fraud Management such as advanced capabilities for PBX hacking,
bypass package, dealer fraud, dedicated solutions for Mobile Money, operational
Risk Management capabilities and a fraud client for smartphones/tablets. The
upcoming SPM offering will introduce capabilities such as territories
management, on-line chat communication capabilities and quota designer.

cVidya is committed to continuous evolution
and development of its products and portfolio, and to leading the way in
creating innovative products to serve our customers.


What are your go-to market strategies? What
are the new challenges in the market?

Each operator tries to keep winning new
business and retaining existing customers by offering advanced services or
enhancements to existing ones. Each time this occurs, the value chain becomes
more distributed and complex, so the need for revenue intelligence solutions
grows, and the need for operational risk management methodologies grows as


To address this challenge we adopted Risk
Management methodologies into the RA and fraud practices. The revolution in
this offering is seen by providing automated tools which have the capabilities
to identify, measure, and mitigate risk, and enable the proactive prevention of
leakages. This new, top-down and proactive approach to Revenue Intelligence
allows management to increase risk awareness and monitor the reduction in
exposure to that risk. This combination of Risk Management methodologies with
Revenue Intelligence solutions complies with the newly introduced TM Forum best
practices, and enables the Revenue Assurance, Fraud and Pricing specialists to
benefit from an easy adoption of this methodology in their day-to-day
operations through built-in wizards and knowledge base support.


Another major issue and challenge we’re
addressing for operators today relates to business intelligence with regards to
pricing analytics. Whether it’s for a customer threatening to leave unless they
are offered a better package or service, or a large corporation looking to
source new services, CSPs need to be able to ascertain instantly what price or
services they need to offer in order to retain the profitable customers or win
a lucrative contract. Pricing analytics across the board is a key issue for CSPs
as they look for new sources of revenues that are not coming from new
subscribers or service launches, but from innovative bundles and packages to
attract existing and new users. The solutions that enable the operators to
identify the impact on pricing and provide recommendations for tailored pricing
per subscriber are key differentiators.


Another challenge that CSPs face is
internal fraud, which is fraud that occurs from within their own organizations.
We did a poll last year and 85 percent of CSPs felt that internal fraud was a
-growing concern’. Internal fraud can range from an employee fixing bills for
their friends or family to large scale financial fraud. CSPs were not always in
a position to catch these fraudsters and would rely on word of mouth or other


cVidya is pursuing new opportunities in
both the telecom and vertical domains and aiming to address the current and
future needs of the market. Within the telecom industry cVidya is going to the
market and introducing solutions for domains such as M2M, cloud computing and
Mobile Money in which the telecom operators are expanding their businesses. On
top of that, cVidya is working with customers in vertical domains to address
their needs with the products and expertise.

are your recent major wins?

has recently won a contract with the Israeli television production company,
Keshet, to consult in the area of tele-voting fraud for their reality TV shows.
This is a notable shift in the telecom fraud space and it was recognized that
cVidya’s experience dealing with the complex value chains of telecom operators
makes it the best fit for dealing with this type of fraud and assurance. cVidya
will be providing Keshet with the necessary tools to keep their tele-voting
platform secure from fraud and assure voting revenues. This ensures a better
experience for both the producers and viewers.


How do you foresee MoneyMap adoption in
growing markets?

The Revenue Assurance domain is growing in
several directions. There are the growing markets within the telecom industry
and new domains that have not yet deployed Revenue Assurance systems which are
just starting to. cVidya, as the leader in Revenue Assurance, is working
constantly, on multiple fronts, to address the emerging needs of the different
domains. One key ingredient, and something that cVidya is known for, is
innovation. We were first in the market with Revenue Assurance and fraud
solutions for 3G, data and IP services, and Rating and Billing Verification. We
are currently developing and deploying, in partnership with our customers, a
solution for the Mobile Money space that enables operators to tailor their
Revenue Assurance solutions to fit the new value chain of Mobile Money. On
another front, we are also penetrating other vertical markets such as
utilities, M2M and televoting in which the knowledge we have gained from the
telecom, entertainment and media areas will be used to tailor solutions to
these markets.  To complement cVidya’s activities in the telecom and other
domains, cVidya is also leading the TMF Revenue Assurance activity and evolving
the industry standards to fit the emerging needs of the markets.

Which companies are already in process of
adopting MoneyMap?

cVidya’s customers include all types of
telecom operators, such as fixed-line, mobile, quad-play, cable, and wholesale


cVidya’s customer list includes BT,
Telefonica Group, Vodafone Germany, AT&T, Bell Canada, O2 UK, MTN South
Africa, Swisscom, Telecom Italia, China Telecom and more.

Rashi Varshney
[email protected]