D-Link launches energy efficient Ethernet metal switches businesses

D-Link has expanded its network switches
with the launch of D-Link DGS-105 and DGS-108 Gigabit Ethernet; and DES-105 and
DES-108 Fast Ethernet metal switches. 

These unmanaged switches provide small and
medium-sized businesses with networking and intelligent data streaming with
Quality of Service (QoS) prioritization, and leverages D-Link’s green
technology saving up to 85 percent on power consumption. 

The D-Link DGS-105 and DGS-108 Gigabit
metal switches allow small and medium-sized businesses to benefit from the
increased bandwidth inherent with Gigabit Ethernet, and enable them to
cost-effectively expand and upgrade their networks. 

The switches deliver ease-of-use
installation features with a simple plug-and-play design and built-in cable
diagnostics for easy network troubleshooting. In addition, the switches are
packaged in a rugged metal enclosure providing security and reliability, and
can be mounted on the desktop or walls via a built-in mount.

“D-Link understands that small and
medium-sized businesses rely on easy-to-use network technology that provide
high-end features, reliability and performance without breaking the bank,”
said Mark Prowten, director of product marketing, Business Networking
Solutions, D-Link Systems.

The DGS-105 and DGS-108 Gigabit Ethernet
metal switches are in five and eight port configurations, and provide data
transfer speeds of up to 2,000 Mbps and up to 10x faster performance than Fast
Ethernet switches. 

The switches support IEEE 802.1p QoS, which
organizes and prioritizes time-sensitive and important data for efficient
delivery for smooth streaming media, VoIP calling and online gaming. 

The switches are also 802.3az Energy
Efficient Ethernet Compliant and can detect when a computer is shut down or
when there is no Ethernet traffic, automatically shutting down the port saving
up to 85 percent on power consumption.  D-Link also offers the DES-105 and
DES-108 Fast Ethernet metal switches with the similar features.

By Telecomlead.com Team
[email protected]