D-Link Unveils Wireless N 150 Bridge/ Access Point

D-Link announced the launch of DAP-1155, is
a Wireless N 150 Bridge/ Access Point that helps
to create a new
wireless network or connect Ethernet devices to an existing wireless network
without any hassle.

D-Link DAP-1155
supports both Bridge & Access mode, so one can easily create a wireless
access point for the wireless devices at home with Access Point mode, or simply
use Bridge mode to connect any Ethernet-enabled devices gaming consoles like
Xbox 360 or to the Internet. Thus making it an ideal wireless solution for home
or office network.

Based on Wireless N
technology, the D-Link DAP-1155 provides better reception and greater wireless
coverage. D-Link DAP-1155 provides faster speeds than previous-generation
Wireless G, and thereby enables users to watch online videos, stream music, and
transfer photos faster.


A company press
release said at D-Link emphasis is always laid on the usability factor and most
of the products are designed to make life simple. That is precisely why D-Link
DAP-1155 is extremely easy to install, upgrade or add to any home network.
Further with Wi-Fi Protected Setup (WPS) button one can quickly and easily set
up wireless network. D-Link DAP-1155 supports the latest & advanced
wireless security features that help to prevent unauthorized access, either
from over a wireless network or the Internet.

TelecomLead.com Team
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