Danish Municipality standardizes on Aerohive Wireless LANs


Aerohive Networks, a provider of controller-less Wi-Fi
and cloud-enabled networking, announced that the Danish municipality of Faxe
has chosen and deployed Aerohive WLANs for use in all its schools.


Faxe Kommune, supported by ICT partner Jysk Data
Networks, selected Aerohive for its technical superiority over competitive
solutions, and has deployed WLANs throughout its 11 school sites, which
together service the educational needs of 4,200 students aged 6-16 years.


Faxe Kommune had been presiding over a patchwork of WLAN
systems, created over time to support investments in mobile IT suites at each
school, and urgently sought an efficient means of delivering its new coherent
strategy for universal wireless access.


Demand for wireless access was also driven by the
evolution toward shared educational assets being predominantly hosted online,
rather than locally, which is facilitated in Denmark by the government’s ‘UniLogin’ resource. Moreover, students were increasingly bringing their own
laptops into school and expecting network and internet access.


Prior to engaging Aerohive, Faxe Kommune was certain that
its chosen path would be to follow a controller-led architecture solution for
WLAN. However, a pilot of the Aerohive technology reversed those perceptions,
and demonstrated the lower-cost, ease of deployment and ease of management
benefits from Aerohive’s controller-less approach.


Concerns around planning adequate capacity for the
growing use of video-based content was a major reason for selecting Aerohive.


The 11 schools are linked together with the help of
Aerohive’s L2 VPN so that the quantity, and cost, of active equipment is


A single HiveManager network management system is
deployed at one of the larger schools to provide remote configuration
capabilities to every AP in the municipality. Teachers and IT tutors use
Aerohive’s unique TeacherView application to manage student access to the
Internet and the LAN with a single click from the teacher’s PC.


In the future, Faxe Kommune is confident at being able to
scale further capacity and coverage simply and cost effectively.


The simplicity of configuration with Aerohive was outstanding, and the comparative costs of licenses, operation and
maintenance and the costs of future expansion – were all very compelling as
well,” said Lars Sørensen, head of School IT at Faxe Kommune.


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was chosen for its strong security.


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By Telecomlead.com Team
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