Datapipe unveils industry’s first PCI Certified Cloud

Datapipe, a provider of managed services and
infrastructure for IT and cloud computing, announced the launch of the
industry’s first PCI DSS 2.0 Level 1 Service Provider certified cloud computing

The offering couples a custom PCI certified cloud
infrastructure with a suite of managed security services to enable PCI

“Security remains a significant roadblock to
enterprise adoption of the cloud,” said Robb Allen, CEO of Datapipe. 

“This product is a leap forward in eliminating those
fears and enhancing our capabilities as the managed service provider for the
enterprise,” Allen added.

Per the recommendation of the Cloud Security Alliance,
Datapipe’s PCI Certified Cloud is not a “mixed-mode” deployment.
Layering enterprise grade managed security services on top of this elite cloud
maintains the integrity of the environment and provides a truly unique

“Data classification and trust levels demand varying
degrees of security protections,” said Joel Friedman,
CSO of Datapipe.

“Since we wanted to avoid exposing our PCI clients
to risks associated with operating in a common cloud infrastructure, we have
made our PCI Certified Community Cloud exclusive to our PCI clients,”
Friedman added.

Datapipe clients have been running on the platform for a
significant amount of time. Leading to public availability, Lotaris, a mobile
service provider, has been utilizing Datapipe’s PCI Certified Cloud to deliver
their payment processing technology to millions of devices around the world.

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