DecisionPoint launches Grapevine Push-to-Talk Android client

DecisionPoint Systems, a provider of field-based
workforce automation solutions, announced the launch of the Grapevine
Push-to-Talk client for the Android operating system.

The new client will run on Android v1.6 and above,
including Honeycomb, which runs on popular Android tablets. Grapevine is
DecisionPoint’s cloud-based Push-to-Talk software and is an “always
on” solution that enables instant worldwide voice communication over a
range of mobile devices and PCs.

Grapevine delivers Push-to-Talk capability as data over
the Internet across disparate carrier and Wi-Fi networks. It keeps workforces
connected no matter how widely dispersed, enabling DecisionPoint’s customers to
improve their communications while reducing costs.

Grapevine Push-to-Talk is a cloud-based, worry-free
Software as a Service (SaaS) product. There are no servers to set up and
maintain. Grapevine is ideal for immediate communications between dispatch and
field workers, is highly scalable and supports communication among thousands of
individuals and group participants.

Key features include high-quality voice with audio alerts
plus a private and secure network with voice encryption and sub-second

The new Grapevine Android client builds on the Windows
Mobile client that DecisionPoint announced in February 2011 and the BlackBerry
client that was announced in August 2011.

The Android client is interoperable with the Windows
Mobile and BlackBerry clients. This fulfills the needs of customers requiring
instant communications between field workers equipped with rugged Windows
Mobile devices and managers with consumer devices.

“Including an Android client in the Grapevine list
of supported devices is a significant step forward for the product offering and
another testament to Grapevine’s interoperability,” said Brent Felker, VP
Field Mobility Solutions for DecisionPoint Systems.

“Since its introduction Grapevine customers have
been asking for a client that enables their managers and dispatchers to use the
system when away from their desk. With the explosion of Android in the
enterprise, the Android client is a critical piece to our solution,”
Felker added.

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