DECT Forum starts DECT security certification program

By Telecom Lead Team: The DECT Forum, an association of
the wireless home and enterprise communication industry, has started the DECT
Security Certification Program.

The Certification Program enables vendors to verify their
DECT products against the latest security standards.

An international group of researchers acting under the
name deDECTed analyzed the DECT standard and discovered various shortcomings.

The DECT Forum acted upon this situation by creating a
DECT Security Working Group to improve the security aspects in the DECT
standard as well as to create a Certification Program that allows DECT vendors
to have their equipment certified against the improved standard.

With the support of deDECTed as well as ETSI the DECT
Forum created a roadmap consisting of several steps to improve security
aspects. This led to the DECT standard being updated, the first step in that
process was ratified by ETSI during 2010.

The launch of the Certification Program allows DECT
vendors to have their equipment security certified against the latest standard
which allows them to assure their customers that their communications are
secure,” says Roel Ottink, chairman of the Security Working Group at DECT Forum

System vendors who are full members of the DECT Forum can
certify DECT Security equipment at the qualified certification laboratories of
Cetecom (Germany).

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