Dell Enterprise Solutions drive long-term value and growth


Dell announced that it is moving deeper into the core of
information technology with its own intellectual property that delivers
efficient, flexible and differentiated IT solutions to millions of customers


Dell’s mid-market design focus provides
open systems that are highly capable, affordable and flexible enough to scale
to meet the needs of large enterprises, public institutions and mid-size


That focus is competitively differentiated and creates
value for customers based on a set of solutions domains: next-generation
computing solutions and intelligent data management; services, security and
cloud; and, end-user computing.


Over the past year we have made great progress towards
our strategy. Dell today has its strongest-ever portfolio of solutions,
intellectual property and differentiated products, backed by new skills and
capabilities in our global team. We also have fundamentally redefined our
operations to optimize our global value chain and it is showing in our
financial results,” said Michael Dell, chairman and CEO, Dell.


Brian Gladden, Dell CFO, outlined the key priorities
underway to allow the company to deliver on its long-term value creation
framework of 5-7 percent revenue growth, GAAP operating income of more than 7
percent and cash flow from operations exceeding net income.


Those priorities include accelerated enterprise growth,
disciplined cost management and operational improvements, and continued
profitable growth in laptop and desktop products. Over the past four quarters,
Dell’s revenue has exceeded the long-term growth goal, GAAP operating income
has been 6.7 percent and cash flow has been $4.2 billion, which was 1.3 times
net income.


Dell is committed to a capital allocation strategy that
includes investments in developing and acquiring new intellectual property,
enhancing our sales capabilities and in our ongoing stock-repurchase program,”
said Gladden.


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