Delta offers free access to Amazon with in-flight Wi-Fi

By Telecom Lead Team: Delta Air Lines has offered free
access to shop and onboard all Delta and Delta
Connection flights with in-flight Wi-Fi service.

Delta operates the world’s largest Wi-Fi-equipped fleet
of aircraft, including its entire fleet of 550 domestic mainline
aircraft.  More than 800 Delta aircraft, including most Delta Connection
two-class regional jets, are equipped with in-flight Wi-Fi service.

Delta customers can enjoy its free content options
in-flight. Free access to Amazon provides a convenient way to shop online at
30,000 feet for things they want on the ground. 

Delta continues to offer new technology and innovation
that delivers on customer preferences while they travel with us,” said Bob
Kupbens, Delta‘s
vice president – Marketing and Digital Commerce.

To access Amazon while in-flight, customers can open
their internet browser, access the Delta Connect Wi-Fi portal and click on one
of the Amazon banners to begin shopping. Delta Connect also provides free
access to real-time travel information, news content from The Wall Street
Journal and People magazine, shopping deals and entertainment options by Delta
and its on-board wireless provider Gogo.

The Wi-Fi enhancements are part of Delta’s previously
announced plan to invest more than $2 billion in enhanced global products,
services and airport facilities through 2013.

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