Despite lack of support from Microsoft and Apple, mobile WebRTC devices to touch 4.7 billion by 2018

WebRTC continues to flourish despite lack of open support from prominent market players such as Apple and Microsoft, according to ABI Research.

The research agency predicts that there will be 4.7 billion mobile WebRTC devices by 2018 despite the support from these companies.

The market is driven by major carriers like AT&T and Telefónica, leading infrastructure providers like Alcatel-Lucent and Ericsson and new WebRTC application providers like Teledini and NetDev.

WebRTC will impact the enterprise market. Companies will be willing to implement the technology to aid productivity and reduce communications barriers within the workplace.

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There are significant barriers that prevent the adoption of WebRTC technology, the toughest being lack of support from leading market players.

Apple has not shown any interest in WebRTC, similar to its approach to Adobe Flash.

Microsoft, on the other hand, has its own version, the CU-RTC, which is likely to emerge as a strong competitor to WebRTC.

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