Dialogic enhances Fax Software, offers support for IPv6


Dialogic, a provider of communications technologies that
power advanced networks, announced a new release of its Dialogic Brooktrout
SR140 Fax Software, specifically Release 6.4.


With support for Internet Protocol version 6 (also known
as IPv6), Brooktrout SR140 Release 6.4 enables hosted service providers and
enterprises to more easily make the transition to IPv6 by supporting both IPv4
and IPv6.


In this new release, Brooktrout SR140 has also been
upgraded to include G.711 V.34 support, which more than doubles the speed of
fax transmission when compared to V.17.


Brooktrout SR140 enables hosted service providers and
enterprises to deliver fax over IP (FoIP), as well as deploy fax services and
fax server applications for document management, business process automation
and regulatory compliance.


As the number of available IPv4 addresses continues to
dwindle, attention within the industry will shift even more to IPv6. Dialogic
simplifies this transition by incorporating both protocols into its new SR140 release,
giving customers the valuable flexibility to support the scheme that best suits
their available networks, whether IPv4, IPv6 or hybrids incorporating both


Brooktrout SR140 Release 6.4 also adds G.711 V.34 fax
protocol support. Although in most cases the T.38 protocol is considered the
most reliable protocol for FoIP, there are times when it is not supported, or
it is only supported using V.17 speeds.


Dialogic recently announced the launch
of its Solution Showcase.


The new solution highlights a variety of cutting-edge
communications solutions, including mobile value-added services, cloud-based
business communications solutions and unified communications solutions that are
built on Dialogic technology.


By Telecomlead.com Team
[email protected].