Digital advertising firm to deploy BSS provider Amdocs products

Telecom Lead Europe: Truvo, a provider of search and
digital advertising solutions in Belgium and Portugal, will deploy Amdocs Local
Advertising and Media products to enhance sales, ordering, billing and product
lifecycle management operations.

This solution will help Truvo establish the advanced
system capabilities required to effectively address the growing demand for
complex multi-media advertising solutions.

Amdocs products will enable Truvo to easily configure new
products and multi-media advertising solutions – helping to reduce time to
market for attractive and seasonal offerings.

Moreover, the products provide sales consultants with a
single view of the advertiser across sales, ordering and billing interactions –
helping to improve the advertiser’s experience during the sales process.

Truvo will establish sales force automation tools for both
managers and sales consultants – helping to increase sales productivity.

“Amdocs will help us offer our advertisers more
innovative ways to advertise over digital channels and provide consumers with a
better and more exciting experience. As a result, we will be able to improve
advertiser and consumer satisfaction and loyalty, which will help us grow our
market share,” said Donat Rétif, chief executive officer of Truvo.

“Local search and advertising providers today
require more sophisticated systems that can support complex, multi-media
products, while driving operational efficiencies,” said Rebecca Prudhomme,
vice president of Product and Solutions Marketing at Amdocs.

Amdocs’ search software is already helping Truvo offer
local businesses a powerful advertising platform and grow traffic to their
websites and mobile applications by improving the relevancy of search results
for consumers.

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