Digital imaging provider Epson unveils first generation of see-through multimedia glasses


Epson, a provider of digital imaging,
announced that it has launched Moverio BT-100, its first generation of
see-through multimedia glasses.


The Moverio BT-100 offers the ability to watch
a variety of content through transparent lenses, ensuring users can remain
aware of their surroundings, while viewing content in total privacy.


The Moverio BT-100 is very easy to use and
comes with Wi-Fi connectivity, control unit, detachable headphones, 4GB SD
card, internal1GB memory and a carry case.


The control unit with its Android 2.2
platform gives web browsing capability and enables users to watch a variety of
content from most websites including MPEG 4 videos, files or applications and
side by side 3D viewing on the move. This smartphone-sized box also has
dedicated buttons for common functions and a touch-sensitive trackpad for ease
of use.


The Moverio BT-100 delivers a perceived
image equivalent to that of a 320-inch display viewed from 20 meters away. The
QHD display resolution, which equals to a quarter of Full HD, ensures that the
experience is similar to watching a big-screen projection, even in confined
environments such as aeroplanes and trains.


“As a business, Epson is focused on
innovation and identifying and catering for future technology trends – and we
are particularly excited about the opportunities for bringing wearable
see-through technology to market. This wearable content viewing device offers
users the opportunity to watch content on the go, without being cut off from
their surrounding environment,” said Valerie Riffaud-Cangelosi, senior business
manager at Epson.


“The BT-100 is the first generation of
this kind of innovative conceptual product that we are committed to developing
further and delivering real customer value,” Cangelosi added.


Epson recently announced its
new version of Epson iPrint for Android mobile devices that allows Andriod
mobile phone and tablets users to print to selected Epson Inkjet printers.


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