Digital Lightwave showcases 40G and 100G testing

Digital Lightwave announced it new 40G/100G test solution for the NIC Platform of test instruments at ECOC 2011 in Geneva. The new CSA 4100 (40Gbps and 100Gbps multi-lane with CFP interface) module expands the capabilities of the NIC to support the highest rates of testing for today’s
Ethernet, OTN and SONET/SDH networks.

“When the ECOC show opens today, the market for 40G/100G testing will have a new paradigm,” said Robert F. Hussey, president and CEO.

“From the release of our first product, we have changed the face of test instrumentation. Today’s introduction is no different. For the earliest implementers, 40G/100G testing has been ridiculously expensive with severely limited feature sets. Digital Lightwave has been working with the leading-edge equipment vendors and network providers to make sure that our solution is the right product at the right time at the right price,” Hussey added.

Using pluggable CFP modules, the CSA 4100 can support testing at SONET/SDH 40G (STL-256.4), OTN 43G (OTL-3.4) and 112G (OTL-4.10), as well as Ethernet 41G and 103G. For interface testing the CSA also supports unframed BERT testing at all rates and Framed PCS BERT for the Ethernet rates.

The CSA 4100 module and the entire Digital Lightwave product portfolio will be on display at the ECOC Exhibition in Geneva, Switzerland September 19-21.

Digital Lightwave recently announced  that the NIC Platform can be equipped as a single-chassis test solution from 1.5Mbps/2Mbps to 100Gbps/103Gbps/112Gbps in a single NIC Plus portable or NIC
EP rackmount.

The CSA 4100 module, with CFP-based multi-lane 40G and 100G capabilities, enables the NIC to provide testing at today’s highest network rates while maintaining all lower-speed testing capabilities.

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