Dimension Data Announces Results of 2011 Global Contact Center Benchmarking Report


In addition to prioritizing the customer experience, contact centers are
driving technology change across the organization with the adoption of cloud-based
services, according to Dimension Data
which announced results of its 2011 Global Contact Center Benchmarking Report.


Survey respondents were from regions
including Africa and the Middle East, the Americas, the United Kingdom and
Europe, Asia-Pacific, Australia and New Zealand. Industries spanned financial
services and consumer goods to healthcare and media and entertainment. The data
was collected from 546 contact centers across 66 countries in 2010.


In addition to cloud services playing a larger role, a key discovery in this year’s
report revealed that social media interactions with Facebook and Twitter are
high on the agenda of contact center businesses. More than 18 percent of survey
participants reported they already manage these interactions, with 32 percent
saying they plan to do so over the next two years.


Interactions through new channels like
social media and SMS messaging are increasingly being used as a differentiator
for organizations that recognize the contact center is the heart of the
business. Consumers are coming to expect the ability to interact and engage
through multiple communication channels and if done right, this effort can most
certainly result in operational efficiencies and improved business ROI,” said
Andrew McNair, head of global benchmarking for Dimension Data.


By Telecomlead.com Team

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