DiViNetworks selected by Teledata Mozambique to expand Internet capacity

By Telecom Lead Team: Teledata, a corporate
telecommunication provider in Mozambique, has selected to expand Internet
capacity using DiViCloud.

The demand for bandwidth required Teledata to find
affordable means to expand IP transit. DiViCloud – enabling Internet capacity
expansion at fractions of the market price, at any location, and over any carrier
– was the perfect solution.

“The innovative virtual capacity concept provided by
DiViNetworks changes the economics of our network. Instead of leasing more
capacity, we merely placed a standard server in our network, and more bytes
started to flow,” said António Sousa, CEO of Teledata Mozambique.

DiViCloud is present at major Internet junctions,
compacting the data traffic on its way to the ISP, making way to more data to
flow. As the compacted data reaches the ISP, a local DiViCloud device reverts
the traffic back to its original form, without losing a single byte. Thus,
additional capacity is provided at any location worldwide, and at HALF the
market price.

“Our goal is to bring affordable IP connectivity to
all ISPs worldwide, enabling broadband access to all. Teledata Mozambique is a
great addition to our customers’ portfolio,” saidYair Shapira, VP
Marketing and Business Development of DiViNetworks.

DiViNetworks is a provider of affordable data capacity
for network operators and service providers. Using cloud-based solutions,
DiViNetworks generates data capacity at any location worldwide, over any
combination of physical capacity providers, enabling ISPs to obtain bandwidth
at half the market price.

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