Dongfeng Nissan vehicles in China deploy Garmin’s CARWINGS MINI telematics device

Telecom Lead Asia: Dongfeng Nissan vehicles in China are deploying Garmin’s CARWINGS MINI Telematics PND (Personal Navigation Device).


CARWINGS MINI combines Garmin’s navigation technology with connected services such as traffic information, friend finder, news, weather, SMS and a dedicated customer service button. The detachable device will be available as a Nissan dealer option in China starting this month.

“This new partnership is a major milestone for our efforts in China and exemplifies our progress in the global automotive OEM market. CARWINGS MINI provides Dongfeng Nissan customers a top-notch telematics solution that gets them to their destination as quickly as possible while providing helpful information on the way,” said Matt Munn, Garmin managing director automotive OEM.

CARWINGS MINI includes several connected services to provide drivers relevant information while on the road. A friend finder feature allows drivers to share their position with friends and family, making it easy to meet up.

Also included are several news feeds and weather forecasts, which can be read out by the unit, so drivers can keep their hands on the wheel and eyes on the road. Additionally, the SMS functionality allows users to read out and dictate messages by voice.

Dongfeng Nissan CARWINGS MINI includes many of Garmin’s signature features found in the company’s newest PNDs. This includes spoken turn-by-turn directions, traffic rerouting, lane assistance, speed limit warnings and current speed display.

Garmin’s one-shot address entry via voice command allows users to enter a destination by voice by simply saying it and without going through multiple menus. Realistic 3D views of buildings and key landmarks provide drivers better orientation. Using topographic map data, the Garmin system also displays 3D terrain views of landscape elevations, helping drivers to see what lies ahead.

Garmin opened an automotive OEM office in Shanghai, China, in April 2012 with a dedicated staff of Garmin associates who specialize in automotive OEM sales, marketing, product development and engineering.

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