DoT re-examining Telecom Commission recommendations: Deora

Telecom Lead India: Telecom Commission’s
recommendations on spectrum management and licensing framework are
being examined considering the implications of the Supreme
Court order on 2G licences, according to Minister of State for
Communications and IT, Milind Deora.

The minister said that the judgment of the Supreme Court
pronounced on February 2, 2012, cancelling 122 licences has implications for
some of the recommendations of the Telecom Commission.


He added that such recommendations are being examined
further with reference to legal and other aspects and decisions in this regard
will be announced later.


It is expected that the recommendations made by Telecom
Commission will pave way for consolidation in the country’s telecom sector.


Deora also added that the DoT accepted part of
recommendations given by Telecom Commission.


The commission recommended for delinking of telecom
licences from spectrum. While accepting the recommendations, the government
decided that all future telecom licences will be delinked from spectrum and all
new licences will be Unified Licences.

The government is working to finalise guidelines for new licences. These
licences are vital for companies whose permits have been cancelled by the apex
court and are looking to continue their business in India.

The regulator Trai has submitted its recommendations to telecom
commission on Spectrum Management and Licensing Framework in May

The recommendations said that price of 800 Mhz and 900 Mhz bands should be 1.5
times of spectrum price for 1800 Mhz. However, it its recent
recommendation, the regulator said that the 800 Mhz and 900 Mhz should be
priced 2 times the rate of 1800 Mhz band.

Trai also recommended to charge telecom operators having excess spectrum beyond
6.2 Mhz as ‘One Time Spectrum Charge’ (OTSC) which was criticised by incumbent


Telecom Commission asks TRAI to explain basis of fixing base


The Department of Telecommunications (DoT) has asked TRAI
to explain the basis of fixing the base price for 2G spectrum.


TRAI chairman is under pressure to explain his and his
team’s decision to arrive at significant increase in base prices. There are
rumors that Reliance Industries will become the biggest beneficiary if the
auction goes ahead with the current reserve price.


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