Dust Networks to showcase self-powered IPv6 wireless sensor Network

Dust Networks announced that they will
demonstrate a SmartMesh IP 6LoWPAN wireless network running on harvested energy
at the IDTechEx Wireless Sensor Network & RTLS Summit in Munich.

For the first time, all of the nodes in the network, including the IPv6 routing
nodes, will run on energy harvested from a variety of devices including the
Micropelt TE-Power thermogenerator and the Cymbet EnerChip CC rechargeable
solid state battery trickle-charged by a small off-the-shelf daylight powered
solar collector.

“The SmartMesh product family provides a unique convergence with energy
harvesting because all of their mesh network nodes can run on harvested energy.
With the further decreased power requirements of Dust’s new SmartMesh IP
technology we can now run even more applications on thermoharvesters at rather
low gradients, eliminating both wires and battery maintenance,” said Burkhard
Habbe, vice president of business development, Micropelt GmbH.

“By combining EnerChip solid state energy storage solutions with Dust
Network’s Eterna technology, Cymbet’s customers are able to deploy completely
self-powered wireless sensor networks. The overall power requirement is so much
lower than with competing wireless products that this is a maintenance-free,
extremely compact, eco-friendly networking option,” said Steve Grady, vice
president of marketing, Cymbet Corporation. 

“The practical impact of Dust’s focus on low power 802.15.4 SoCs and
networking is evident in this multi-vendor demonstration of self-powered
wireless sensing. With no wires to install and no batteries to change, the
initial and on-going costs of installation and maintenance are slashed,”
said Brenda Glaze, vice president of sales and marketing for Dust Networks.

By Telecomlead.com Team
[email protected]