Echoecho secures $750K in seed funding from Google Ventures and PROfounders

Echoecho, a developer of the simple location-based
mobile application for finding friends in the real world, today announced it
has closed $750,000 in seed funding from
Google Ventures and
UK-based venture firm
PROfounders Capital.
The new funding will be used for product development, hiring and scaling

Echoecho gives you a quick and easy way to find a friend,
family member or colleague and help them find you. The app works anywhere in
the world across multiple platforms including Android, iPhone, Blackberry, and

The echoecho application offers new features and enhancements including:

Meeting Places – Select a place to meet anywhere in the
world. Example: “Check out this new Starbucks.”

EchoChat – Discuss plans with friends following any
sharing request (aka: “an echo”). Example: “Great! I’ll be there
in 20 minutes.”

WebEcho – Share your location and find your friends, even
if they haven’t downloaded the app.

Design Overhaul – Get started faster and more easily than
ever. See who from your smartphone’s address book is already using echoecho.

“We’ve all been in a situation when we’re near our
friends, but can’t actually find them.  We wanted to create an app for
that and we wanted one that people would actually use – that doesn’t destroy
the battery life of your phone, broadcast your location to everyone in the
world or force you to join yet another social network,” said echoecho
co-founder and CEO, Nick Bicanic.

Here are some of the ways echoecho can help make life

Get your friend’s ETA, if they’re running late or let
them know if you are

Check to see if someone arrived before you – they might
just be in the back corner of a busy restaurant

Let friends know you moved to a different venue down the

Find your friend’s current location within a wide open
space, such as at a concert or on a ski slope

Find someone you’re picking up (this comes in really
handy at the airport!)

Rejoin family and friends while traveling in a different
city or country

Catch up with where your children are throughout the day

“Echoecho is in a growing space where consumers are
using their mobile devices for everything social in their daily lives,”
said Wesley Chan, partner at Google Ventures.

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