Echoworx to launch all-encompassing encryption solution for enterprise mobile users


Echoworx, a provider of credential management and managed
encryption services for complete email and data protection, announced the
launch of end-to-end mobile encryption and credential management capabilities
that address all major devices (smartphones and tablets) and platforms, as well
as cloud applications.


This summer will see the final additions to its
mobilEncrypt offering which has been specifically designed to meet the security
needs of mobile business users.


“Mobile privacy and security may be a relatively new
topic of conversation, but it’s an important one,” said Michael Ginsberg,
CEO of


The challenge with mobile security however, is that
enterprises are dealing with a number of different operating systems. As a
result, they have been unable to replicate the breadth of encryption
capabilities that exist in the non-mobile world.


Recently, the only available solutions have been deployed
on a piecemeal basis to address specific operating systems, cloud applications
or endpoint devices only.


Interoperable with all other Echoworx encryption
products, mobilEncrypt is designed to address a complete range of mobile
platforms, including iOS (iPhone, iPad), Android and BlackBerry devices.


“We’re the first vendor that is able to do that.
Users can download an endpoint solution from the app store of their choosing,
or apply the Echoworx solution to secure content delivery and storage in the
cloud. Whatever the choice, our solutions work natively within any messaging
environment in conjunction with a credential management platform, to provide
confidentiality, integrity, authentication and authorization,” Ginsberg


Echoworx mobilEncrypt will also complement Apple’s new
release of iOS Version 5.0 in the fall, which will allow users to issue and use
X.509 credentials with the native S/MIME support on iOS 5.0 to send and receive
encrypted messages to anyone with a valid email address.


mobilEncrypt can easily be integrated with mobile device
management (MDM) solutions to deliver complete security for smartphones and
tablets. Security for mobile today goes beyond tracking, locking and wiping


By combining mobile encryption with a credential
management platform, Echoworx can help MDMs solve a problem that they can’t
accomplish on their own.


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