EFactor to be the First Entrepreneurial Platform to unveil free video conferencing

EFactor will be the first entrepreneurial online platform
with videoconferencing technology. It has partnered with ViVu, a provider in
desktop videoconferencing solution, to provide global entrepreneurs a virtual
environment that makes business meetings, webinars and eLearning a much more
accessible and personal experience.

As the first entrepreneurial online platform with
videoconferencing capability, EFactor is supporting the way entrepreneurs
execute business partnerships, communicate with clients, contact investors and
sponsors, and absorb knowledge from mentors in the most convenient and
interactive way.

Unlike videoconferencing in other social networks, EFactor’s
new feature is HD quality with extremely low bandwidth consumption that does
not require any installation of hardware or software downloads, enabled by
ViVu’s MXTP technology. One-on-one video chat is free, while group chat up to 8
people costs only $6/month.  

Users will even be able to invite non-EFactor members to
videoconference or choose different degrees of audience interaction suitable
for a video presentation.  EFactor will soon launch a campaign to promote
this feature: “Founder-to-Founder, Face-to-Face,” which will
highlight the community as a revolutionary force, showing the way local and
global entrepreneurs conduct business around the world.  

Combining videoconferencing with EFactor’s various events
and tools such as its Mentor Program also aligns with the vision of
“making the world a better place.” By giving immediate and easy
video access to an incredible lineup of mentors, experts, webinars and
eLearning, EFactor continues to elevate the success of aspiring and present

“We want to help business owners better communicate
with each other while saving cost,” said Marion Freijsen, co-founder and
COO of EFactor.

“Adding ViVu’s great technology to EFactor’s made
sense as one of EFactor’s core philosophies is the fact that you do business by
meeting one another, getting face-to-face. We feel strongly that this new
functionality will assist us in helping entrepreneurs receive knowledge and
funding, taking part in or running conferences in a visual meeting
format,” Freijsen added.

By Telecomlead.com Team
[email protected]