Elitecore launches core session management platform

OSS/BSS company Elitecore Technologies has launched EliteCSM, a core session management platform.

The EliteCSM platform addresses multiple access networks such as FTTH, ADSL, 2G, 3G, Wi-Fi, LTE, IMS and WiMAX networks.

The session management platform is aimed at next generation networks with pre-integrated products including AAA, Map Gateway, PCRF, Diameter Signaling and Charging Gateway, Elitecore Technologies said on Wednesday.

The new platform serves as a one-stop solution to increase revenues from existing and emerging services without having to go for a major overhaul.

The company says EliteCSM reduces development costs and project timelines.

In addition, it solves integration issues with multi-vendor network elements like GGSN, PGW, HSS, PCRF and OCS vendors, allowing telecom operators to reuse their network for future services with negligible customization.

Dhaval Vora, VP, Product Management, Elitecore, said: “Indian telecom operators are trapped in a rigid eco-system in which new service creation and software development becomes time-consuming and expensive to design.”

In February 2013, Elitecore Technologies said it would focus on 3G Wi-Fi offload solutions. Working with ICT equipment vendors such as Nokia Siemens, Ericsson and Cisco, Elitecore Technologies has significant market share in Wi-Fi offload market. In 2013, Elitecore will focus on strengthening mobile data offload solution business and aim to gain further market share.

Last month, Elitecore announced its support for hospitality Wi-Fi business model for service providers, offering a centralized bundled solution with Wi-Fi access infrastructure and internet connectivity on a managed services platform.

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