Elitecore supports Sarovar Hotels to provide internet to guests

Carrier Wi-Fi
Elitecore, the telecom software division of Sterlite Technologies, announced deployment of its 24online Hospitality Internet Access (HIA) solution at 22 properties of Sarovar Hotels & Resorts across India.

The 24online HIA solution provides internet access to guests. 24online HIA, which offers 24/7 support, upgrades and modules to suit the hospitality sector requirements, has enabled Sarovar Group to generate customized internet plans and prepaid internet coupons as per their requirements.

Harish Chandra, head of IT, Sarovar Hotels and Resorts, said: “We needed a solution that could authenticate users and accommodate multiple devices carried by the guests. Managing bandwidth and generating comprehensive reports was equally important. Deployment of 24online HIA solution has enabled us to monitor and manage our internet access network more efficiently.”

Elitecore says the 24online HIA solution enables users to access wired and wireless internet across the hotel network without the need to re-login. The system displays device-based captive portal to guests. It has features such as login once, zero configuration and customisable login pages.

The Indian company has supplied 24online HIA, an appliance-based solution, to more than 350 hotel properties globally.

“It prevents network congestion and bandwidth misuse by allowing authenticated user traffic to access the hotel network a–s per the defined bandwidth limit,” said Samiksh Aggarwal, AVP – Sales (Data Networks), Sterlite Tech – Elitecore.