Email is the preferred mode of communication among US wokers

Most US workers will not unplug from the office during
their vacation this summer, according to a survey from Intermedia. According to
the Intermedia Business Communications survey, conducted by Harris Interactive
on behalf of Intermedia, 71 percent of respondents say it’s appropriate to
contact them while on vacation.

Of course, no one wants to be completely intruded upon.
If coworkers must connect with them, 32 percent say email is best, followed by
20 percent who said calling is preferred. The least appropriate is text
messaging with only 18 percent stating it as their preferred method.

“What used to be reserved for the workaholics is now
the norm. With smartphone usage now mainstream and tablet usage on the way up,
the wall between work and personal time is being broken down. Professionals can
work from anywhere — including vacation. This isn’t necessarily about reducing
personal time — it’s about workers having flexibility to get work done on
their terms, inside and outside the office,” said Manlio Carrelli, CMO,


Email as the preferred mode of communication is not only
the case during vacation, but also when workers are in the office.
Additionally, the survey indicates that phone calls — specifically voice
messages — are passé. When asked their least favorite method of general communication
with colleagues/business clients, 31 percent say voicemail is their least
favorite, followed by instant messaging (29 percent), and texting (26 percent).
US workers’ favorite means to communicate with coworkers and business contacts
is email, according to 87 percent.


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