EMC announces Greenplum Analytics Workbench


EMC announced the creation of the Greenplum Analytics
Workbench, which will be used for regular integration tests on Apache Hadoop.


The 1,000-plus node test bed cluster incorporates
technology from software and hardware manufacturers with the intention of
providing the infrastructure needed to facilitate Apache Hadoop innovation.


With the availability of a large-scale test bed, developers
can have their contributions validated at scale, and enterprises can
confidently deploy new releases in a production environment.


Apache Hadoop has rapidly emerged as the preferred
solution for Big Data analytics across unstructured data. Organizations looking
for opportunity in an ever-changing business environment are finding that Big
Data analysis is the competitive advantage.


According to a 2011 TDWI survey, 34 percent of companies
do big data analytics today, and that number is growing. Hadoop-based batch
processing of unstructured and structured data at massive scale using commodity
hardware has led to a profound change in analytics.


By extracting the knowledge wrapped within unstructured
and machine-generated data, organizations can make better decisions that drive
revenue, improve service and reduce costs.


Hadoop innovation and development is reliant upon
contributions made by open source developers. However, the Apache Hadoop
community has consistently faced the challenge of provisioning the required
resources to validate new releases of the open source software.


Without access to a large cluster for scale validation,
the Apache community and enterprise users must wait for Hadoop user communities
to sponsor an effort to run scale validations. This is done very infrequently
and a lot of time is spent stabilizing releases for enterprise adoption.


With an aggressive plan for testing on the Apache Hadoop
trunk and its continuing releases, EMC is excited to contribute to the Hadoop
open source community by providing testing resources it lacks to quickly
identify bugs, stabilize new releases and optimize hardware configurations in
an effort to speed up the innovation of Hadoop.


plans to provide test results to the Apache Software Foundation and open source
community, and EMC’s testing will be planned in coordination with the Apache
Hadoop project.


“EMC and its partners have made a significant
contribution to the Apache Hadoop community by promising to validate Apache
Hadoop releases on clusters at petabyte scale. With access to continuous
integration testing, the world’s best unstructured data analytics software will
get better and faster, allowing companies and organizations to gain better
insights from their data,” said Dhruba Borthakur, member of Hadoop Project
Management Committee.


EMC recently introduced
new software for its Symmetrix VMAX family of storage systems, extending its
leading virtual data center and cloud storage capabilities.  


A new version of EMC AutoSwap software, with support for
z/VM environments, was unveiled at the SHARE mainframe user event in Orlando,
Florida, expanding Symmetrix VMAX-based solutions for all of the major virtual
machine operating systems.


By Telecomlead.com Team
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