EMC announces VMWare cloud infrastructure suite


EMC Corporation announced full
technology support, services and the industry’s most comprehensive integration
with the new VMware cloud infrastructure suite including VMware vSphere 5, VMware
vCenter Site Recovery Manager 5, and VMware vCloud Director 1.5 at general


This pervasive and immediate support further
validates EMC as the industry-leading storage
vendor in VMware virtual and cloud environments and highlights EMC’s commitment
to its shared vision with VMware to help accelerate customers’ journey to the
cloud and extend their technology investments. 


Customers will be able to more easily and
quickly enjoy the availability, ease of management, performance, security, and
cost-reduction benefits of virtualization in their mission-critical application


At Expedia, we are leveraging EMC’s
commitment to being the storage leader in VMware vSphere virtual
environments.  Using EMC technology with VMware vSphere 5, Expedia is
realizing increased agility, scalability, and performance through EMC’s use of
the new VMware vSphere Storage APIs for Array Integration with EMC VNX, and
improved application availability and scalability with EMC PowerPath/VE data
path optimization,” said Travis Gunther, principal architect, Expedia.


As we strive to be more of an
IT-as-a-Service organization through cloud computing, we will look to EMC and
VMware to help us achieve our goals,” Travis added.


Customers looking to virtualize their
mission-critical applications have two main concerns: performance and
cost.  As the number one storage provider for VMware environments, EMC
announced the broadest day-one support of VMware vSphere 5 across EMC VNX, EMC
VMAX, and EMC Isilon storage platforms to efficiently and effectively scale
with the VMware cloud infrastructure suite to support thousands of virtual
machines (VM). 


Through support of four new VMware vSphere
Storage APIs for Array Integration, EMC increases its close-knit integration
points with the VMware platform- delivering more than 75 points of integration
– across storage, backup and security products to offer the most business
value, ease-of-use and enhanced performance of VMware environments. 


EMC also has broadened VM object-level
awareness to include EMC VNX in conjunction with EMC VMAX – the only midrange
and enterprise storage systems to offer this native platform capability at no
additional cost.


Additionally there are new free VMware
vCenter plugins for all EMC storage platforms so VMware administrators can
manage their VMware vSphere cluster, VMs and storage all from within VMware
vCenter’s management console.  


Customers utilizing EMC PowerPath/VE in
VMware vSphere 5 will also be able to dramatically reduce the costs of growing
environments ranging to thousands of VMs through
PowerPath/VE’s ability to automate and optimize data paths to provide high
availability and to more easily scale mission-critical applications. 


PowerPath/VE has been updated to integrate
with the new VMware vSphere 5 auto-deploy capability, and simultaneously
simplifies licensing and management.  Additional cost reductions will be
attained by leveraging EMC FAST VP (fully automated storage tiering for virtual
pools) to augment VMware Storage DRS. 


EMC FAST VP lowers costs and improves
performance by leveraging dense, high-capacity storage and high-performance
SSDs as appropriate, and also provides finer control by extending mobility to
sub-VM granularity. 


EMC and VMware have collaborated to enhance
dynamic mobility of virtual machines over distance in this release using EMC
VPLEX in conjunction with enhancements to the core VMware vSphere 5 high
availability capabilities.


By Telecomlead.com Team
[email protected]