Enterprise mobility solutions provider UR Mobile receives $1 million seed funding

Telecom Lead America: UR Mobile, a provider of
enterprises mobility solutions, has received $1 million in new funding.

The funding will assist UR Mobile to expand and meet the
demand from several new clients. The new funding follows a round of seed
funding worth $2 million, which UR Mobile received from a local investor.

The company’s business centers on its Accelerate
Platform, a mobile web app development platform. The web app platform empowers
organizations to move their new and existing business processes into the mobile
environment through agile orchestration of disparate web services and

UR Mobile said the applications created with Accelerate
are optimized for mobility and can be easily managed in a drag-and-drop
environment. The mobile web apps created through UR Mobile’s platform enable
enterprises to collaborate and engage with both internal and external end

The company launched its Accelerate Platform in 2011.
Since last year, UR Mobile partnered with enterprise-level clients in the
health care, entertainment and nonprofit sectors. The latest round of funding
will enable UR Mobile to continue to scale its operations to meet growing

“The agility made possible by Accelerate allows
organizations to extend their unique and constantly evolving business processes
to the mobile channel more strategically and more efficiently than ever
before,” says Tarpley McColl, CEO at UR Mobile.

“In the end, the most sustainable mobile app is the
most agile mobile app. That’s our vision and what differentiates Accelerate as
the premier mobile web app development platform for business,” McColl

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