Enterprise VoIP equipment market in North America driven by the need of integrated phone system

By Telecom Lead Team: Enterprise VoIP equipment market in
North America will grow at a CAGR of 15 percent over the period 2010-2014,
according to Research and Markets.

The key driver for enterprises choosing VoIP is that it
provides an integrated phone system across multiple locations, the report
prepared by TechNavio said. The traditional phone systems, on the other hand,
need several lines, several different networks and hence the whole system works
as a separate system.  


Key vendors dominating enterprise VoIP equipment market
in North America market space include Avaya, Cisco Systems, NEC, and Mitel

The Enterprise VoIP Equipment Market in North America
2010-2014″ report finds that one of the key factors contributing to this
market growth is the fact that it provides an integrated phone system across multiple

The Enterprise Network Equipment market has also been
witnessing increased collaborations due to the integration of telephony and
data services. However, blockages caused by network address transversal and
firewall transversal could pose a challenge to the growth of this market.

Turning voice messages into text is gaining popularity.
It enables users to read their voice mail messages in any order rather than
having to negotiate a tedious key-press menu to listen to them in sequence which
would take time and also might affect the quality. They can also send replies
for delivery as text or email messages,” according to an analyst from
TechNavio’s Telecom team.

Meanwhile providers are equally attracted to this
opportunity: they can almost always get away with charging for transcription,
some $5 and up for about 30 messages per month. This service would reduce human
intervention and increase the demand for VoIP in enterprises where it is needed
the most.

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