Enterprises in Australia and New Zealand should change their mobility policy

Despite much of the buzz in the industry around the
consumerisation of mobility, the majority of large enterprises in Australia and
New Zealand (ANZ) still provide devices for employees with a mobility need,
according to Ovum.

“These enterprises still have a high degree of
control over mobility and are not inclined to adopt a bring-your-own-device
(BYOD) policy – at least not in the short-term,” said Claudio Castelli,
senior analyst at Ovum.

Around 10 percent of companies say their preferred model
is for employees to provide their own devices and reclaim costs through
expenses. Companies that choose this route could find mobility increasingly
difficult to manage as usage, particularly of data, grows.

“But in the long-term however, CIOs will be
pressured to respond to users’ preferences and will need to support an
increasing number of applications and devices chosen by users. Providers should
take a proactive approach and make sure their device management capabilities
and partnerships expand to support enterprises in dealing with this greater
diversity. Cloud-based solutions will help,” Castelli added.

According to the Ovum survey, a number of opportunities
for providers of mobility services for large enterprises in ANZ. The growing
appetite across enterprises for smartphones and big-screen devices is creating
a foundation for greater adoption of mobile applications. This will ultimately
drive higher data traffic usage and new access technologies.

Providers with either in-house professional services
capabilities or partnerships with system integrators (SIs) will be in a good
position to support enterprises in mobilizing data applications, and profit
from these additional services and greater use of their networks.

Telcos in ANZ have a strong reputation in enterprise
mobility and should take leadership and profit from the mobility trend. They
should partner with other players to offer end-to-end solutions and choose
their SI partners for complex and highly customized projects carefully.

By Team
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