Enterprises reckon HD communication quality can improve businesses

Telecom Lead America: Enterprises are ready to deploy
high definition voice communications systems as they can positively improve
their businesses.


94 percent of those surveyed felt that improving voice
communication quality with AudioPresence HD would have an overall positive
impact on their business, according to a new study by Siemens Enterprise


97 percent of those surveyed agreed there is a noticeable
difference with HD, whereas 91 percent expressed a preference for high
definition voice capabilities on their desktop compared to ‘standard’
IP-telephony quality.


The study reveals that end users are driving demand for
an enhanced and more natural voice experience that reduces user frustration and
helps ensure customer interactions.


“One of the most unexpected practical bonuses has
been the audio quality- even staff located in other states sound like they are
in the same room with you. It is just that clear, and that different from
anything we have experienced before,” said Laurie Douglass-Wilson, senior vice
president at the American Chiropractic Association, a Siemens Enterprise
Communications customer.


These findings strongly align with the growing
“consumerization of IT” trend where high definition displays, touch
screens, video and audio have become the norm in terms of user experience.


Siemens Enterprise Communications claims that it is
unique in providing immersive HD voice capabilities as standard across the
entire range of OpenStage IP-phones from the entry-level OpenStage 5 to the
OpenStage 60 executive model at no additional cost.


“We continue to believe in the importance of
providing all of our customers with an excellent user experience. Superior
audio quality does not have to be an expensive solution that is only available
in high-end or ‘executive’ phones,” said Rick Puskar, senior vice
president of portfolio management at Siemens Enterprise Communications.


Siemens Enterprise Communications leverages Fortinet for Cloud


Recently, Siemens Enterprise Communications, a provider
of end-to-end enterprise communications, deployed multiple FortiGate-1240B
network security appliances to help secure its OpenScape Cloud Services.


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